Herman Miller Global WFH Program
Registration Instructions


Welcome to the Herman Miller WFH Global Program

Explore a collection of world class ergonomic products ready to support you when working from home.
Now’s the perfect time to create a home office you’ll love, and that will help you perform at your best while maintaining ergonomic well-being.


As a member of our Corporate Account, you are entitled to preferential pricing as detailed in the following pages.

How To Access

(No code required) For access, use your corporate email to register for an account here. We will notify you once your account is approved within 1 working day.

Click here for account registration guide

Terms & Conditions:

• Register on our site at http://trax-eshop.com.my/wfh-login with your corporate email address.

• Upon submitting your registration, your account will be pending approval for access to the discounted products. You will not able to view the promotional Global WFH Program products on our website until your registration has been approved.

• Kindly allow us 1 working day to review and confirm your account eligibility.

• You will receive an email once your registration is approved, with the link to our Global WFH Program product page, where you will be able to shop exclusive products and prices as advertised.

• Should there be any issues pertaining to registration or site access, please email order@trax-eshop.com.my.